About Us

hospitalityone provides professional staff for the food service end of the hospitality industry including: Function Directors, Servers, Bartenders, Culinary Staff, Greeters, Hosts/Hostesses and Event Attendants.


hospitalityone is committed to:

  • Creating long-standing relationships with each client
  • Establishing great partnership opportunities with clients
  • Providing a service that goes above and beyond 
  • Working together, as part of each client’s unique team 
  • Ensuring a high standard of service for all parties involved


Hospitality One has specialized in providing quality staff for the hospitality industry since 2003. We have been delivering superior and professional staff to over 9,000 events ranging from 5 to 6,000 attendees in the greater Chicago land area, to locations as diverse as street festivals and museum campuses to corporate offices and private homes. Hospitality One has served with some of Chicago’s premier hotels, catering companies, event planning services, and private clients. Our offices are conveniently located in Rosemont, IL.


Jerry Connolly- Managing Director

Mr. Connolly joined Hospitality One in September of 2012 bringing more than 20 years of business experience to the team.

Prior to joining Hospitality One, Mr. Connolly was a Commodity Trader/ Broker at the Chicago Board of Trade and has a Bachelors Degree from Indiana University. Mr. Connolly will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of business at Hospitality One with a primary focus on new business development and client relations.


Rita Iovino – Accounts Receivable / Payroll

Ms. Iovino has been a part of the company since 2004. A Pastry Chef by trade and graduate of The Scottsdale Culinary Institute, Ms. Iovino possesses strong industry knowledge with vast experience as a Customer Service Representative for Bank of America. This experience made it only natural for her to handle all tasks concerning billing, accounts receivable, and payroll. With her ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment, and excellent time management skills, she has a genuine desire to achieve, excel and evolve.


Pearlie Dunigan - Director of Client Relations

Ms. Dunigan has an extensive background in both Hospitality and Staffing.  With a great understanding and knack for the industry, Ms. Dunigan  posses’ excellent attention to the quality of customer service to make sure all client’s needs and expectations are met.


Christopher Dilg – Senior Director 

Mr. Dilg has been a core part of the company since its inception. After beginning with Hospitality One as a part-time employee working in the field, Mr. Dilg’s unending drive to succeed rapidly gained him a promotion into a management position in under 6 months. With a keen understanding of the business, he utilizes his customer service skills to place people with the proper personality and experience on the proper work order, to ensure both client and staff satisfaction and the success of each event. Mr. Dilg is responsible for all order fulfillment and implementation of client satisfaction measures with relation to staff.

what sets us apart:

1. Our management staff is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to our customers.


2. We believe in Partnership Trainings and Customized Client Implementation Programs


3. Our commitment to the success of H1 is mirrored by our commitment to the advancement of our staff


4. Quality Assurance & Professionalism


5. Loyalty & Flexibility


6. Reputable Partnership


7. Industry Knowledge